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The seed of our Conyers Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church was first planted in the fall of 1972 by Elder Perry Green who was the pastor of the Belvedere Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church in Decatur. Elder Green passed away in March 1985 with the knowledge that his efforts with God's blessings, had borne fruit with the establishment of our church in 1983.

In early 1973, Elder Fred Minner organized a company of eleven people including: Wilbur O'Quinn, Eleanor & John Finley, Charlie & Carolyn Griffith, the Gordan family and Mitchell families. Sometime afterward, Elder Bill Henson, the new pastor at the Belvedere Church, started a branch Sabbath School. He went house to house inviting people to church and held an Oldest Bible Contest. Pearl and Hayward Byrd were to become lifelong members because of this outreach and the continuing Bible studies given to them by James & Robbie Lee Land.

Between 1975 to 1980, a women’s prayer group met at the Belvedere Church with the success of the Conyers Church as their special prayer project. Two of these ladies, Suzanne and Marsha Land, are currently still members of our church.

In September 1979, "Something Wonderful for You!" Bible study invitations were sent to all residents of Rockdale County. There were 166 responses for Bible studies! In April 1980, a "Book of Daniel Seminar" was conducted by Mrs. Del Anderson and was held in a local Holiday Inn with many interested guests, some of which became members of the church.

Elder David Dobias became the pastor of the Belvedere Church in August 1980. He encouraged us strongly with our plans for the establishment of a church in Conyers. We have also been blessed with the work done by Steve Darmody and Larry Buckner in furthering this goal.

In 1982, Tuesday evening Bible studies began, first in the office of an attorney, James Nexsen, who later became a member of the church. Later they met in the home of Eric Ristau. As many as 28 people would attend these Bible studies. To make people aware of health problems, a medical van was set up where blood pressure readings were taken. In January 1983, our first "Stop Smoking Clinic" was held at Rockdale County Hospital. There were at least twenty people who attended this clinic with many successfully quitting smoking.

In the Fall 1983, A "Book of Revelation Seminar" was conducted by Elder Dobias and his new assistant pastor, Mark Fowler. There was a good turn out and several baptisms resulted from this outreach. It was then decided to rent a facility and start a church company in earnest.

The first worship service was held on October 8, 1983 at the Lutheran Church in Conyers. In January of 1984, the Georgia Cumberland Conference voted that Conyers Church would become an official Seventh-day Adventist Church, the organization taking place on March 31, 1984 with forty-nine people signing the Church Charter. Our first pastor was Mark Fowler, who with his wife Yolanda, worked mightily in God's work. Pastor Mark and Yolanda Fowler were transferred to Thomaston, Georgia in June 1984. They were very much loved by the congregation and their contributions were greatly appreciated.

In July 1984, Pastor Brian Aalborg came to assist Elder Dobias at the Belvedere Church and our church at Conyers. Pastor Aalborg and his wife Sharon worked with love and enthusiasm to help build up the church. He leads out in many ways, including Evangelistic meetings and a "Stop Smoking Clinic" that attracted twenty-nine people.

Throughout 1985, plans were discussed concerning our own church building. It was voted to accept the school building of the Beverly Road Church and in May 1985 this building was moved to the land that we had purchased on Highway 138 in Conyers. All through the summer and fall, members and friends worked on the renovation of this building. The opening service was held on December 14, 1985 with many Conference officials as honored guests.

The first Vacation Bible School (VBS) was led by Sharon Aalborg and Ginger O'Neil in June 1986. This was a very successful endeavor and attracted twenty-two Adventist and seventeen non-Adventist children. A VBS has been held every year since that first one in 1986 with attendance increasing each year.

In June 1988, the Aalborgs left Conyers for their new pastorate in Pennsylvania. They will be remembered for the deep love they had for their church and the many hours that they worked so diligently to spread the message.

In June 1989, Elder W. J. Henson, and his wife Gertie, and his mother Rosamond Henson were present at VBS graduation ceremonies. Elder Henson began his official duties as our pastor on this date. On December twenty four, Elder Henson conducted the first annual Candlelight Christmas Communion Service which was very much appreciated by all who attended. On April 1989, the church celebrated its 5th Anniversary with great joy and even greater plans for the future.

Evangelistic Crusades/Seminars have been held once or twice a year. These meetings have been attended by many area residents and quite a few new people have become members of our church because of this outreach.

Pathfinders and Adventure Clubs have been organized and has done much to bolster the enthusiasm of our youth. Susan Fleming, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Heinlein and Ronda Coody have been the sparkplugs for these organizations.

Our Sabbath School has functioned well and grown since the Conyers Church began. It would be impossible to name all the dedicated teachers and helpers who have made these classes and activities a success.

The original building soon became too small for our growing congregation and, in the spring of 1991, an education wing was built with most of the work done by our church members.

This addition would include three new class rooms, a fellowship hall, a kitchen, a pantry and a storage. Two larger rest rooms were added. In the old building, the kitchen became the Mother's Room and the two small rest rooms became the Pastor’s Study.

By the time we finished these additions, we realized we did not plan big enough. We still needed more room in all areas of the church. So, we had to start thinking bigger again: a new sanctuary.

Elder Henson, after about nine years at Conyers Church, had to retire. Pastor Mykal Ringstaff and his wife, Cyndra, along with their family moved to Conyers in 1996. They were with us for two years and were transferred to Thomasville and Barwick Churches in Georgia.

Elder Henson, who stayed in Conyers when he retired, was asked to take the church as interim pastor until the new pastor arrive. It was at this time that we decided to organize a building committee which included: Beverly Jackson as Chair Person, G.S. Culpepper, Jim Corbett, Don Land, Martha Land, James Land, Louise Brookes, and Bill Henson. They began their work with great enthusiasm. We also had to begin to raise funds for the building. At this time our new pastor, Harold Peggau arrived with his wife and family.

The new sanctuary on Highway 138 was completed January 2001. 

Pastor John Strickland and his wife, Christina, lead our church for many good and faithful years. In March 2015, they were transferred to Wimbish Road Seventh-Adventist Church in Monroe, Georgia.

Pastor Shawn Shives and his wife Nephlen, arrived at Conyers Church in June 2015.  Pastor Shives was a very dutiful shepherd that worked hard on and alongside his sheep.  Under his leadership the Conyers Adventist Academy was opened in 2019.  The Church also purchased a home and five acres of land to expand the church’s ministry potential in the community.  Through successful Evangelistic efforts the Church saw increases in both membership and church giving.  He demonstrated his care and foresight in recognition of the “signs of the time” for the protection of his fold by increasing church security.  Pastor Shives received a call to be Special Assistant to the President of the Pennsylvania Conference in December of 2019.  He also works with the Reading Hampden Heights SDA Church in Temple Pennsylvania.

In the fall of 2017, Dr. Curtis Fox was appointed as the associate pastor of our church.  In January 2020 Pastor Fox was appointed as the Senior Pastor.  He and his wife, Dr. Paula Fox share the passion of serving others. 

Under the loving leadership of our Pastors, our initial forty-nine members have grown to over 765 members.  We pray that the Lord will continue to bless us as we share His love with those in the Conyers Community.