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Who Are We?

This ministry is comprised of members of the church who, having been blessed by God to live more than five and a half decades and gained experience in a wide range of endeavors, believe they still have much to offer to the cause of God and the finishing of His work in the church, their communities and the world at large.  Any, and all Conyers members over the age of fifty-five are invited and welcome to join our fellowship as part of the group.

Our Mission

In unison with the mission of the world-wide SDA church, our mission is to reach out to people of all ages, cultures, and faiths, as well as the faithless, to improve their lives and their understanding of God's message of salvation, with a goal of helping them become disciples of Christ and ultimately citizens of His soon-coming kingdom.

Our Vision

Seeing every child of God, but specially those  approaching or having attained their "golden years), continuing their involvement in the work of God, realizing that their years and experience are not hindrances but assets that can and should be used in mentoring younger ones and helping prepare and produce workers for the field as in God's time, we leave the scene.

Our Involvement

  1. We visit and conduct a weekly devotional at a local nursing and assisted-living home.
  2. We visit and encourage those in hospitals and rehab homes when possible and appropriate.
  3. We conduct a weekly Bile study class for people of all ages, with the aim of helping them understand the gospel message, so that they can witness to others in simple ways, based on their individual experiences and knowledge of the Bible.
  4. We participate in the church's on going evangelistic program by distributing literature and invitations and encouraging non-members to attend weekly services as well as the seminars and other meetings periodically conducted at the church.
  5. We provide a quarterly social encounter for group members and friends to interact in a healthy Christian atmosphere while still witnessing to those not yet fully committed.
  6. At least once per  year we provide "care packages" for the residents and staff at the assisted-living home.

There are somethings in life over which we have no control, none more so than the passing of time and the accumulation of years.   While many have succeeded in masking their physical appearance and falsifying their age publicly, none have yet succeeded ion slowing, much less halting, God's design of advancing age.  For that reason, the word of God proclaims the merit of accumulated years (Leviticus 19:32, Proverbs 16:31) and encourages those not yet that blessed to appreciate and respect those thus blessed.

The Seniors for Christ are grateful to their Creator for blessing them in this fashion, among all others, seeing it as the first installment on the eternal life conferred on those who accept God's offer of salvation (1 John 5:12) and we invite all those of our church in the appropriate age group to join our fellowship.

The group meets at 11:00 am on the 4th Sunday of each month in room 109. (Please note that due to COVID-19 meetings are suspended)


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