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The Conyers SDA Singles Ministry seeks to shake the stereotype that church singles ministries are “dating & waiting” clubs by allowing singles to demonstrate that they are vastly valuable and influential individuals who can use their seasons of singlehood to  especially serve the Lord, His church, and the community.  

We want to provide fellowship and unity amongst singles through various events which may include, but not limited to: prayer circles, community service, nature walks, game nights, fellowship meals, collaborating & volunteering with other ministries. 



Conyers SDA Singles Ministry will work in collaboration with other ministries to reach singles in all stages of life which include: 

  • Young Adult Singles 

  • Mid-life Singles 

  • Mature Singles 

  • Single Parents

  • Divorced

  • Widowed



Singles Prayer Circle - 2nd Sabbaths Monthly at 1 pm via Zoom

Singles Serving Cooking Class - Periodically (Zoom) 

Singles Game Night - Periodically (Zoom) 

Prayer Walks - Periodically (Local Parks) 

Community Service - Periodically (Donating Hygiene Packages for the Displaced) 

Singles Ministry Day - Annually in October (TBD) 



Singles Ministry Leader: Kamali Bent