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Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education in cooperation with divine agencies, is dedicated to the fulfillment of one great purpose:

"To restore in man the image of his Maker, to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created, to promote the development of body, mind, and soul, that the divine purpose of His creation might be realized."  Education pp 15-1



Seventh-day Adventist Christian Education places a high estimate on the infinite worth of every individual and seeks to provide a climate in which a positive self-image may be developed. By providing a Christ-centered curriculum, we seek to develop the spiritual, mental, physical, and social aspects of our students.  Preparing students to live successfully and productively in our society is our goal.



We are counseled as a church that wherever there is a company of believers, a school should be established to do service for the Lord.

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord;and great shall  be the peace of thy children."

( Isaiah 54:13) 



In harmony with implementing our mission in developing the whole person, our objectives are:


a.  Assist students in developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

b.  Assist students in gaining a growing knowledge of God,who is our Creator

     and sustainer of life.

c.  Prepare students for the unselfish service to God and mankind.

d.  Encourage habits of spiritual reading and study and to acquaint students

      with knowledge of Seventh-day Adventist teachings.


a.  Develop within each student a quest for knowledge and a desire to arrive at

      the highest degree of excellence in accordance with his or her ability.

b. Enable students to develop critical thinking skills and to foster an

     appreciation of the best in nature, books, music, and all the fine arts.

c.  Provide for students to develop a high standard of morals and

      aesthetic values.



a.  Help students understand and practice the principles of healthful living and

      to recognize that physical fitness is the foundation for any achievement

      of life.

b. Instruct and encourage students to consume only such products as will

     contribute to their well-being and to practice temperance and

     moderation of life.

c. Impress upon the minds of students the importance of good sportsmanship.



a. Train each student in the responsibility  of citizenship.

b. Encourage good manners, taste, and judgement in social decisions.

c. Encourage each student to develop a pleasant Christian personality.

d. Teach students to regard others as worthy of respect and to accept

     others as friends regardless of social, economic, or racial origin.


Conyers Adventist Academy (CAA)


CAA is a private Christian school with a goal to serve the educational needs of students and families in the Atlanta area. It is a school of excellence and  offers state-of-the art education with an eye on citizenship and character development. We are currently enrolling and we invite your highest consideration of this school for your children and others in your care. Please let us know how many of your children between four (4) and eleven (11) years-old  will be enrolling in our school for August 2020.

If you are interested in enrolling your students in Conyers Seventh-day Adventist Academy please fill out the survey below.