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Family Movie Night Fundraiser

You are invited to join us on Saturday, January 27th for a fun-filled and wholesome movie night. There will be food and drinks on sale. Tickets can be purchased after AY or after uniform club meeting for $10:00 a person. Or call 678 754-2688 for tickets and more information. 





Training and saving young people is one of he most important missions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


The Pathfinder Club, a church-centered recreational-spiritual program, is designed for both boys and girls, grades 5 to 10 (ages 10-15).  The program offers action, adventure,challenge and group activities that produce team spirit and loyalty to the church.  In addition:

  1. Help Pathfinders to understand that the church loves,cares for and appreciates them and needs them in its total program.
  2. Show Pathfinders what God has planned for their lives.
  3. Train Pathfinders for missionary service.
  4. Work for the salvation of each individual Pathfinder.
  5. Develop the Pathfinders appreciation for nature and a concern for the environment
  6. Teach Pathfinders specific skills and hobbies that will make their life meaningful and will occupy their time profitably.
  7. Help keep Pathfinders physically fit.
  8. Give opportunities for the development of leadership.
  9. Develop a balanced physical,mental, social and spiritual life.

Ministry Contact


Rohan Boothe  |    Deliah Boothe

678 754-2688  |  678 237-6470


Fred Curling    |    Brenda Curling 

770 500-2462  |     770  500-2462