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We come to Him with adoration, praise and thanksgiving; confessing our sins, petitions and supplications on behalf of ourselves and others.  Psalm 66:18 tells us that "if we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us".  But we know that He can and will give us the strength to forgive and live a Christ like life as we plead with Him.



To support our Church Family and all those around us with prayer.



To pray without ceasing and see the Hand of the Lord move among us.  Jesus' promise is that if we ask anything in His name,believing,we will receive it.



It is our goal to reach out to any member of the House of God, who needs prayer and show them what the Lord can do if we only let go and let Him have His way in our lives.

Let us then ask Him to clothe us with His character,so that in the name of  Jesus is not just a phrase we tack on at the end of our prayers but rather as we live Him out in our lives,He will grant us our petitions as He sees best.


As we approach God through the virtue of the Redeemer's merits, Christ places us close by His side, encircling us with His human arm,while with His divine arm,He  grasps the throne of the Infinite.   He puts His merits, as sweet incense, in the censer in our hands, in order to encourage our petitions.  He promises to hear and answer our supplications.   Pray, yes pray with unshaken faith and trust"  Testimonies Volume 8 pp 178-179



We meet every Sabbath evening in Room 109 for Prayer and Thanksgiving.  We also organize and lead out in other times of special prayer and thanksgiving as announced by our church leadership. 

We invite you to come and witness what the Lord can do in your life.



Donna DeGroot  and Viviene McCatty