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Our Mission

Aid the congregation in the worship of our Creator, Redeemer and King through songs of praise and thanksgiving.  We endeavor to reflect as closely as possible the harmony of the heavenly choirs.



As we one day hope to sing the song  of Moses and Lamb,we seek to draw all worshipers to the throne of grace.  Through song,we seek to impress the hearts of believers with the truths of God's word,lift the burdened soul from the grips of despair, and bring courage and hope to those who are weak.



God has bestowed upon His people various musical gifts and talents to be used in his service.  Our  Church provides several ways to be involved in music ministry . 

The King's Kidz and Youth Choir provide an opportunity for our children, youth and young adults to cultivate their musical gifts. 

The Conyers Adult Choir gives our adults and seniors an avenue to participate in a meaningful music ministry. 

Our Bell Choirs allow those who desire or have a gift to play an instrument the opportunity to share in music ministry. 

We have several groups that go out into the community to nursing homes, hospital rooms, and personal homes to share songs of encouragement to the elderly and those who are physically unable to participate in corporate worship.


Ministry Contact

Melvina Fryar