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December 2023

Dear Members and Friends:

I am happy to be associated with the Conyers Seventh-day Adventist Church as your senior pastor. The year 2024 would mark my 7th year with you, and the 4th year as the senior pastor of this congregation. I have had the privilege to be with many of you during the nodal events of your families, in celebrations of your accomplishments and blessings, in times of challenges and losses, and in the myriad opportunities to work together to accomplish great things in the fellowship and for the communities in which we are called to serve.

The pandemic of recent years is behind us and forward is our gaze.  We are pressing on each day to make our church an oasis in this desert-like world. We wish for our church to be a place where the pull is strong and the invitation is for all. We wish for a vibrant and inspiring worship experience each time, a heavy dependence on prayer and surrender, and a continuing dedication to reach out to our community in love and good will.

We are now entering the year 2024.  As we do, I welcome you to join us on the journey to new and exciting experiences with each other and with our God. I welcome you to join our worship services, to participate in our youth activities, to be engaged in some of our many ministries, to be a part of our outreach efforts, and to ensure that your discipleship this year counts a great deal, all for the glory of our God.

May God bless you and your family richly.

Curtis Fox

Curtis A. Fox, Ph.D.

Senior Pastor