Bags of Love Ministry


Demonstrating compassion towards children who are displaced from their homes due to Child Protection Agency or law enforcement being involved.


How We Do It

The Conyers SDA Church has been involved in this ministry for over seven years.

We have produced over 2,000 hand-made gift bags during this time.

Each bag is filled with the following much needed supplies:

  • hygiene items 
  • throw blanket
  • items of clothing
  • age-appropriate reading material
  • a stuffed animal
  • a toy or two

In addition each of these cloth bags are hand-sown and individually stitched with a message expressing the love of Jesus and the prayers of our church for each child. 

Truly, these bags are named correctly because each one is prayed over and sent with a sincere hope of helping some child or teenager make it through a challenging time in their lives. 

Our Bags of Love Ministry Team are striving to follow the words of Jesus by inviting many children to come to Him!

We always need assistance and would love for you to come our some Sunday and see how our Bags of Love Ministry works! 

Meeting Times

1st and 3rd Sundays at 9 am


Contact Person 

Bags of Love Ministry Head 




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Bags of Love Ministry Meetings

We can always use extra assistance!