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Chip Requirements
The chips below are established with the North American Division Adventurer Ministries, where we derive all of our curriculum, and is set for the kindergarten level.  There are currently 23 chips that the members can earn within this one year in Eager Beavers.  Even though our club mainly earns these chips, we do earn some chips from the Florida Conference as well.  If you would like to see their chips offered, please visit their website at:

Chips available to earn:

Alphabet Fun Chip
Animal Homes Chip
Animals Chip
Beginning Biking Chip
Beginning Swimming Chip
Bible Friends Chip
Birds Chip
Crayons & Makers Chip
Fire Safety Chip
Gadgets & Sand Chip
God's World Chip
Helping at Home Chip
Jesus' Star Chip
Jigsaw Puzzle Chip
Know Your Body Chip
Left & Right Chip
Manners Fun Chip
My Community Friends Chip
Pets Chip
Scavanger Hunt Chip
Shapes & Sizes Chip
Sponge Art Chip
Toys Chip

Don't Forget.... we can also create our own chips and submit them to the North American Division Adventurer Ministries for approval!!  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let the director know.  Thanks!

Updated: Jul 1, 2008